Opera North

Opera North is an award-winning opera company and one of the leading arts companies in Europe. It prides itself on a fresh approach to opera and musical performance. While opera productions on the main stage lead their work, they are more than just an opera company.


The Opera North collaborate´s with innovative artists and a range of creative companies on a myriad of projects. Their own critically acclaimed Chorus and Orchestra continually look for new ways in which to create music by performing independently with other musicians. 

November 2008 was a significant time to celebrate for Opera North – a coming of age at 30years! Founded in 1978 and first performing Saint-Saens’ Samson and Delilah, the Company has come a long way and now has an impressive number of awards under its belt.

The best is perhaps yet to come, with the Howard Assembly Room at Opera North opening, an impressive performing space for Opera North’s eclectic new programme.