Netherlands National Opera

The Netherland National Opera´s purpose and goals are to provide innovative music theatre productions of high quality in which each theatrical discipline takes an equal part.

It strives to promote the art of music drama in the Netherlands through the presentation of opera performances of a high level in Amsterdam; they complement these performances with supplementary activities in other locations with different media.


The Opera was founded after the Second World War as a repertory company with a permanent ensemble. The company toured throughout the country with an emphasis on the cities of Amsterdam, Den Haag, Rotterdam and Utrecht. The Opera was renamed De Nederlandse Operastichting in 1964; the nature of the company then changed also, it becoming a stagione company with new casts and artistic teams being brought in for each production. The great removal occurred in 1986; the company’s then home, the Stadsschouwburg, was exchanged for the new theatre on the Amstel, Het Muziektheater. From that moment on the company was known as De Nederlandse Opera (DNO); it is one of the three permanent performance-giving companies in Het Muziektheater, alongside Het Nationale Ballet and later the Gastprogrammering Het Muziektheater.