About us

Our Mission

Live performances are usually a one-time experience for a privileged group of people. ClassicLive wishes to share the unique passing moments of live performing arts via an easy channel and completely free of charge so you can enjoy what is happening now in the global performing arts world – quality performances any time on your computer or TV. 

We deliver these performaces to you in co-operation with the orchestras and performers who wants to share their work with the world.

What is ClassicLive?

ClassicLive is an free, no login required internet portal to concerts, opera and ballet performances. ClassicLive provides the most advanced technology for artists to show their performances to the global audience. Artists and companies prepare their performance material, which ClassicLive proudly presents on the website. ClassicLive also works in co-operation with some producers to enrich our selections. Watching performances on ClassicLive is now free of charge. It is a great way to see quality performances from around the world.

Similar projects have started at the same time  such as live opera performances from the Metropolitan Opera in New York shown in movie theatres around the world as well as the Digital Concert Hall of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra shown on the internet. Our operation model is in principle the same, but ClassicLive is an open portal for music, opera and ballet from many different companies.

Who are we?

Digilive Oy is a Finnish Company founded in 2013 and managed by people who love the arts. The Board of the company consists of investors who all have some connections to music or dance.

How did it start?

The first idea of live performance broadcasting came from the organisation of the Lahti Symphony Orchestra in Finland. Some music loving investors became interested in new technological opportunities and founded ClassicLive in 2007 by establishing the technology for broadcasting live performances. The first concert broadcast by ClassicLive on the internet in August 2007 was the Lahti Symphony Orchestra followed by the Hungarian National Philharmonic Orchestra and the Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra.