ࡱ> :8;y bjbjEE 4''^ ;8%'f9OOOO***$/.*****OOJJJ*XOOJ*JJJO *pJ0'J]X]J]JH**J*****J***'****]********* : www.classiclive.com in a nutshell: concerts by premier-league orchestras streamed live on the Internet Which orchestras belong to the international classicLive network? classicLive is an Internet portal of no more than 15 world-class symphony orchestras. The first to sign up for it are the Lahti Symphony Orchestra (Finland) and the Hungarian National Philharmonic Orchestra (Hungary). Letters of Intent have been signed by the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra (the Netherlands) and the Stockholm Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (Sweden). Other possible partners are the Philharmonia Orchestra from London, the Mariinsky Theatre Orchestra (Russia) and the Scottish Chamber Orchestra. How can I find out about the classicLive Internet portal services? The classicLive website  HYPERLINK "http://www.classiclive.com" www.classiclive.com is open to anyone interested in its services. The site allows you to find out just what the service offers and to test whether your own system can receive the streamed concerts before you purchase the service. The Internet portal interface is classic in its clarity and tells you how to access the services. What services does the classicLive portal have to offer me? The prime products are first-class concerts by orchestras from various parts of the world in the classicLive network. You can listen to concerts in real time, or on demand at any point during the next three weeks. The image is TV-standard and the sound almost CD-standard. There are also plans for providing additional services such as artist interviews and background info about the concerts and orchestras. None of the material offered via the portal can be downloaded to your own computer. How can I buy a ticket for classicLive concerts? You purchase time for yourself via the classicLive portal, i.e. the unlimited right to use the service within the period of your choice. Tickets are sold for 24 hours, 7 and 30 days and are charged to your credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express). The price is the same the world over. What are the system requirements for classicLive? You need broadband access of at least 1Mb, a home computer complying with the present standard and the basic software needed to view and listen to concerts. You can listen to concerts via headphones or loudspeakers on your own computer or, for example, connect them to your home theatre system.     TO BE RELEASED ON AUGUST 23, 2007 AT 10.00 RWgh     S _ a k 4 5 H I J  5]^_abϿϿϿϤύxtlhlhjhUhYhKh^0JCJaJh^CJaJjh^CJUaJh.hCJaJhS>CJaJh.hi? CJaJhi? 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